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This community has been created with the purpose of offering the opportunity to be updated in matters of culture, arts and works of the wit throughout the nonprofit sharing of works - even those protected by copyright laws - over a P2P network to all Italians (especially those who live abroad). The main aim of this site is to point out the the by-now-obsolete legislation on the copyrights, which due to the long duration of the rights' protection is an hindrance to culture and to the spreading of knowledge. A drastic reduction of those "times of security" is essential to make sure that some works would be freely distributed, both for cultural and entertaining purposes.

We believe that a substantial reformulation of the copyright law is an essential and urgent need, also for the economical exploitation of any forgotten work which would break free out of the job lot of production and distribution companies, and then given back to the world community. We are firmly convinced of the necessity for a wider diffusion of art and knowledge, but we consider necessary the protection of a work's fatherhood, and also proper and fair the economic acknowledgment for the work's author.

For these reasons this site is based on promoting the "Ethic Sharing", as on the matters identified by with the limitations that on the same site are considered essential for a basic protection of copyrights, in a first step towards a constructive dialogue with our "counterparts".

It is strictly forbidden to publish torrent files related to:
  • Music younger than 12 months since its release date.
  • Movies, anime & cartoons younger than 12 months since the release date in the same language of the shared files.
  • Ebooks and Abooks with less than 12 months from the date of first publication of the work, with the exclusion of all the area schools.
  • Porn material.
According to our guidelines it is allowed to publish and share:
  • Movies, Anime & Cartoons: 12 months after the release date in the same language as the shared files. No porn. N.B. Erotic movies are allowed unless IMDB rates them as "adult".
  • Ebooks and Abooks after 12 months of first publication of the work.
  • School books and extracurricular education books without limitation.
  • Music: 12 months after the release date.
  • Music videos: 12 months after the song's release date.
  • Software and Videogames (pc and consoles) without limitation.
  • Shareware: only if "as it is", i.e. not including a crack/keygen/serial. Freeware: no limits.
  • Supplements to magazines, newspapers, etc: only when that issue is replaced by a new issue, not earlier than 30 days since the release date and only if not already regulated by our other rules.

The releasing of works by authors which have publicly agreed to the sharing of their works on the P2P network is accepted, as much as anything that has been aired on TV and which is not already ruled out in our statute.

TNTvillage supports the propositions for a regulation of the sharing of copyrighted works as promoted by many sources, including the association with their advanced "flat".

The owners of the copyright, or their legal representatives, can submit a written request - on headed paper - for the immediate removal of their work without the need to appeal to the authorities.


  • This server does not host any file but only the torrent files related to them.
  • Always remember that violation of copyright is a crime.
  • By entering in this site you accept and partake with no hesitation to all the motivations and warnings reported in this document.
  • If you don't agree with this text and/or you're younger than 18 years old, please do not register yourself here and do not use the pages of this site in any way.

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